Writing Topics for Personal Narratives & Expressive Writing

This page offers plenty of writing topics for personal narratives and expressive writing. Personal narratives and expressive writing are very important for students to master. Students must be willing to open up and share memories, feelings, and attitudes within themselves.

In my classes, I used journals on a daily basis. The journal prompts are posed in such a way that students naturally open up. In addition, the topics listed below will stimulate your students' minds and encourage them to begin writing expressively and personally.

I am always creating more and more personal narrative and expressive writing activities so check back often!

This PowerPoint presentation offers a thorough introduction to what Personal Narratives and Expressive Writing is all about. Most of the time, I open a unit on Personal Narratives and Expressive Writing with this presentation.

This assignment introduces students to writing from personal experience. A variety of different words are listed with space for students to write personally on the topic in about one paragraph. Great practice!

This assignment is similar to the one above, only it uses emotions related to events from students' pasts. Like the above assignment, this one can also be shared in class.

Here students choose from a list of prompts and write about the topic in the first person. To write in the first person and convey the feelings and emotions of a character is a huge part of being a successful creative writer.

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