Writing Activities & Projects

Integrate writing activities and hands on projects to liven things up in your Creative Writing classroom. It does not have to be just about sitting at a desk writing a story.

Below, you will find different writing activities and projects that involve cooperative learning and active participation. Many of these projects can be completed in once class period, but others might require a few days.

This project is spectacular. Whenever I have used it in my classroom, students exceeded my wildest expectations.

You'll be amazed at how creative your students can be in coming up with ideas, writings, and drawings for this project.

This project requires you to do some preperation beforehand. You will need to go through different magazines, cutting out images of all kinds. Make sure you have enough so that each student recieves about ten images. Place them all in a large manilla envelope and bring it to class on the day you introduce the project.

This activity is also perfect as an ice-breaker during the first week of school!

Another great ice-breaker where students practice creative
writing skills.

Considering the popularity of social networks among students today, it is obvious that they love to share information and "profiles" about themselves with each other. Tell them that this project is a sort of hard copy of their MySpace or Facebook profile.

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