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As the world gets smaller through increased technology in the areas of media, the Internet, and international commercialism, more and more we see ourselves on this planet as citizens of one global village, a community of people with various backgrounds and histories, yet all having similar needs and questions:

  • Who am I? Why am I here?

  • How can I be happy?

  • Is there a reality beyond what my senses perceive?

  • What happens when I die?

  • What is right and what is wrong?

  • Are there some values in life which are always right, or is right and wrong something that each perceives it to be, and different for different people?

Teaching World Religions is not easy, but it is an important curriculum. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to educate young people to be compassionate, open-minded citizens of the world. In order to function in this global village, we must understand each other.

As you teach World Religions, emphasize to your students that they should seek to discover how these kinds of questions, and others, have been answered by various cultures through their religious beliefs and expressions.

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Unit 6: Chinese Religions

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