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Learning about and understanding World History is crucial for a plethora of reasons. You can’t really comprehend the present or be prepared for the future unless you know something about the past. That means learning about both the spectacular accomplishments of human beings and their evil acts and honest mistakes. That is what World History is all about!

There are so many ways to make the classroom a creative and enthralling place for your students. In my classroom, I always took different forms of art as well as different subject areas and incorporated them into the history class. For example, students can write plays of important events in history and act them out. This activity combines English (writing skills), drama (preparing for and presenting the play), and art (costumes and props). Music is also a fantastic way to study World History. The different forms, melodies, and instruments all tell a story. Reading relevant literature or watching a film based on historical events is also extremely advantageous. I could go on and on with examples, but the point is that these diverse and creative ways to teach, ignite student imagination and keeps them engaged.

The following units of study all contain worksheets, assignments, projects, study guides, tests, and ideas to help you bring your history class to life. Every unit also contains at least one PowerPoint presentation for you to teach with. The first four resource-packed units are absolutely free and ready to download and print. However, because of the amount of work and care that goes into creating these resources, units beginning with Ancient India can be ordered from our Order Now page.

Click on the following links to go to your desired unit in World History:

Unit 1: PreHistory

Unit 2: Ancient Civilizations of Africa and Asia

Unit 3: Ancient Greece

Unit 4: Ancient Rome

Unit 5: Ancient India

Unit 6: Ancient China

Unit 7: The Byzantine Empire

Unit 8: Islamic Civilization

Unit 9: The Early Middle Ages

"I want to tell you how grateful I am that this website was created! I am a first year teacher at a very small school. Your about me hit home. As I read it I felt like I had written it. I also have had to teach several subjects and different grade levels. I feel so overwhelmed that sometimes I wanna cry! I can honestly say that I haven't done so because of this site. I want my students to fall in love w/ history & I wanna make it as fun & engaging as possible, but preparing lessons for TX, US, & World history takes up all my time. On the brighter side the other high school history teacher at my school shared some resources w/ me. There are only 3 middle/ high school teachers (1 which has been on maternity leave) so I don't really have that department support as in bigger schools. Ok so to wrap it up, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS SITE & YOU HAVE MADE MY LIFE EASIER! Thank you :)!" ! ~ Karla from Texas

Unit 10: The Crusades

Unit 11: The Black Plague

Unit 12: Medieval Life

Unit 13: The Middle Ages

Unit 14: The Renaissance & Reformation

Unit 15: The Age of Exploration

Unit 16: The Age of Absolutism

Unit 17: The Enlightenment

Unit 18: The French Revolution & Napoleon

Unit 19: The Industrial Revolution

Unit 20: Revolutions in Latin America

Unit 21: Nationalism & Imperialism

Unit 22: World War I

Unit 23: Russia through the Ages

Unit 24: World War II & Aftermath

Unit 25: The Middle East through the Ages

Unit 26: Australia & Oceania through the Ages

Unit 27: The World since 1945: An Overview

Unit 28: Asia & the Middle East since 1945: An Overview

Unit 29: Africa since 1945: An Overview

Unit 30: Latin America since 1945: An Overview

We provide printable history worksheets and PowerPoint presentations to educators around the globe and much of it is absolutely free! Your donations help us to keep the lights on and enable us to dedicate more time to enlarging and improving this website. If you kindly choose to give, you get to decide how much to donate. Thank you!

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