Unit 1: The New World

So . . . you begin to teach American Hitory! Unit 1, The New World, starts with a comprehensive overview of what the Atlantic world looked like before and up to the year 1600. Students become familiar with the general ideas and happenings in the western world at the time, which is important background information for the study of American History.

As with all units on OwlTeacher.com, students are introduced to Unit 1 with a list of important terms, ideas, people, etc. It involves different educational activities and a fun project. In addition, there is a PowerPoint presentation for your lecture and Fill-in-the-Notes for students to complete as you present the information. Finally, a study guide and a test are included to wrap up the unit. If desired, you may also show the movie, The New World, starring Colin Farrel. You will find a learning packet for this movie in the Teach with Movies section of OwlTeacher.com

A list of key terms that will get your students acquainted with this first unit.

A PowerPoint presentation ready to open and download to your computer, containing 62 colorful slides with images.

A complete set of Fill-in-the-Notes for your students. Simply download the presentation, print the slides (six per page) and give each student a copy so they can take notes with while you teach and present the information.

You can put students into pairs or groups or even make this an individual activity depending on your class size. The Combined Timeline helps students to put events of the world into perspective as they learn American History.

This project incorporates creative writing skills of poetry with history!

A study guide to prepare students for the test; I always make mine a mandatory assignment. It's been proven in my classes time and time again: if students complete the entire study guide, they do well on the test.

An assessment to monitor comprehension and understanding of unit one.

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