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Introduction to Creative Writing

A solid introduction to Teaching Creative Writing. It covers the elements of good writing, the writing process, reading requirements, editing and peer editing forms, a study guide and a short test to make sure your students understand these fundamentals.


Poetry is the literary expression of the human heart. The specific theme that the author is writing about is expressed with vivid feeling and passion. The writer's purpose is to convey these feelings to the reader.

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Story Prompts

Here you will find a variety of story prompts guaranteed to spark imaginations and inspiration.

Creative Descriptions

Creative Description in writing is as vital as the words themselves. In this section, students learn the importance of writing in a way that allows the reader to see. If your students can vividly create a mental picture for their readers, then they have succeeded!

Creative Characters

What is a story without interesting characters? Not much. Here, your students will gain the knowledge they need to create characters their readers will care about. Think back on all your favorite books, how much did you like the main characters? Readers must connect and truly care about the characters in stories; that's when the writing is good!

Creative Settings

Setting is very important when teaching creative writing. The setting of a story is the foundation on which the story is built. Creative settings involve making the reader feel as if they are really there.

Creative Writing Projects

As you know by now, I believe very strongly in the importance of hands-on projects in the classroom. Creative Writing is no different. On this page you will find a number of tested, fun projects to engage your students.

Personal Narratives

The ability to write about one's self, one's life, one's experiences, and one's feelings are a crucial component of being a fantastic writer. This section gives students plenty of practice on opening up with paper and pencil.

Free Writing Worksheets

Be sure to check out our friends at A-Z Worksheets. Their wide assortment of free writing worksheets can help teach creative writing to struggling students and give good starter ideas to good writers - and teachers :-) In addition, here's a wide array of Creative Writing Tips and Ideas to share with your students; teach effective use of figurative language, action verbs, concrete words, and more.

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