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Saving Private Ryan, Rated R 169 minutes
An excellent film that depicts the price of freedom. As U.S. troops storm the beaches of Normandy, three brothers lie dead on the battlefield, with a fourth trapped behind enemy lines. An army captain and seven men are assigned the task of penetrating German-held territory in order to bring the boy home.

Schindler's List, Rated R 133 minutes
This is the story of how 1,100 Jews were spared the gas chambers at Auschwitz by an unlikely hero. Oskar Schindler was a greedy German factory owner who became rich off of cheap Jewish labor. Once he learns of Hitler's death camps, however, he decides to spend his fortune on saving as many Jews as possible. This film an excellent enhancement to a World War II or Holocaust unit and is a incredible example of the human heart's potential.

The Searchers, NR 119 minutes
After his entire family is brutally killed, hardened war veteran Ethan Edwards begins a long journey to search for his only surviving niece, Debbie, who has been captured by hostile Comanche Indians. Although considered controversial by some, this movie depicts the aggressive west vividly.

Spartacus PG-13 196 minutes
This epic saga from the Ancient Roman Empire depicts the story of a former gladiator named Spartacus who leads a slave army to confront and threaten the domination of the powerful empire.

Strike, NR 82 minutes
In this 1925 classic, a group of laborers at a Moscow factory call a strike when a fellow worker unjustly accused of theft commits suicide. To break the workers’ unity, the managers and owners of the factory along with the Czarist government send out infiltrators. Police are then called in when the infiltrators fail, prompting the massacre of the unarmed strikers. This film shows the cruel ways that employers exploited their workers,how the rise of labor unions came about, and why they are needed.

Thirteen Days, PG-13 145 minutes
Based on the actual events of the Cuban Missile Crisis, this movie recounts President John F. Kennedy’s attempts to curtail the risk of a growing nuclear missile presence in Cuba. Kennedy, along with his aides, generals, his younger brother, Bobby, and even the U.S. attorney general work together to assess the situation quickly discovering that the Soviets could launch offensive warheads that threaten to destroy the world.

Uprising, NR 180 minutes
A group of Jewish students and their teacher, Mordechai Anielewicz, organize a group of resistance fighters to go up against the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto in 1939. Against all odds, the courageous group fight the Nazis longer and harder than the entire Polish army. This amazing and inspiring film is based on a true story.

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