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Memphis Belle, PG-13 108 minutes
This is the true story of a World War II mission in which A U.S. bomber plane's crew is ordered to hit a heavily defended German city. Capt. Dearborn leads his men into battle while their commander and a public relations officer await the squad's return.

The New World, PG-13 135 minutes
This cinematic masterpiece illustrates the adventures of explorer John Smith as he establishes the Jamestown Settlement in 1607. Smith and Native American princess Pocahontas discover their worlds are different yet their hearts beat the same for each other, while English settlers and Native Americans come to blows.

Not Without My Daughter, PG-13 115 minutes
In this fact-based film, Betty Mahmoody, an American housewife finds herself completely trapped in Tehran when she accompanies her Iranian husband on a vacation to his homeland and then decides to live there permanently. Betty finally decides to escape after suffering abuse by her husband and his family. She seeks refuge at the Swiss embassy only to discover that she has no rights as a mother and with lose her daughter if she decides to escape Iran. Good for a Sociology or Global Issues class.

Of Mice and Men, PG-13 110 minutes
This film is the story of two best friends looking for work during the Great Depression. George and his best friend Lennie are traveling all over California searching for employment as migrant ranch hands. At a difficult time in our country's history, these two friends forge ahead in this poignant story about the true meaning of friendship.
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