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Germinal, Rated R 158 minutes
This intense drama is based on the 19th-century novel by Emile Zola. The film (as well as the novel) reconstructs the gut-wrenching poverty and intense day-to-day struggles of French coal-miners on strike in 1884 at the Voreux mines of France. At the center of the film are Maheu and his family who also work in the mines.

Gettysburg, Rated PG 254 minutes
This movie showcases the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War, a battle which is considered by many historians to be the turning point of the war. It is the most brutal battle ever fought in America, lasting three days in the summer of 1863. The film is based on Michael Shaara’s bestselling historical novel, The Killer Angels. It is also very historically accurate and true to the events of the battle.
Gettysburg Learning Packet

Gandhi, Rated PG 190 minutes
This incredible film is about Mahatma Gandhi, the tiny lawyer who stood up to British rule in India and became an international symbol of nonviolence and understanding. The difference that one person can make is magnificently emphasized in this epic and unforgettable film.

The Ghost and the Darkness, Rated R 109 minutes
The true story of railroad engineer John Patterson, who in the late 1800s went to colonial Uganda to oversee the construction of a railroad line. While in the area known as Tsavo, Patterson finds his construction efforts hindered by a series of lion attacks. After more than 100 workers die, veteran hunter Charles Remington is called in to head the increasingly frantic effort to kill the animals. Today, the two Tsavo lions are on display at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Gladiator, Rated R 155 minutes
Esteemed Roman general Maximus discovers he is condemned to death by the late emperor’s power-hungry son. Maximus escapes execution, however, and becomes a mighty gladiator determined to avenge his wife and son’s murders and his own horrifying fate. Excellent addition to a unit on the Ancient Roman Empire!

Glory, Rated R 122 minutes
This film is the amazing true story of the first group of African Americans to serve in combat during the Civil War. It is loosely based on the letters of Boston-born Union commander Col. Robert G. Shaw who commanded and led this volunteer regiment of black soldiers. They helped to turn the tide of the war with their strength, courage, and honor.

Good Night, and Good Luck, Rated PG 93 minutes
This film is the documentary-drama about veteran television news anchor Edward R. Murrow who confronts indomitable Senator Joseph McCarthy about his single-minded campaign to crush the communist threat in America. Even though Murrow was heavily pressured by corporate executives at CBS to back off, he was nontheless determined to uncover and examine the lies and fear tactics perpetrated by Senator McCarthy during his Communist “witch-hunts.”

The Grapes of Wrath, NR 129 minutes
This film is tightly based on the critically acclaimed book by the same name and written by John Steinbeck. It is about an Oklahoma family suffering the effects of the Great Depression and who decide to migrate to California for better opportunities and a fresh start. Both the novel and the film are an excellent supplement to a unit on the Great Depression.
The Grapes of Wrath Learning Packet

Iceman, Rated PG 100 minutes
Anthropologist Dr. Stanley Shepard arrives at the scene when a 40,000-year-old Neanderthal is thawed out of the ice during a scientific expedition. As the Neanderthal amazingly begins to function again, Dr. Shepard starts to teach and learn from the “Iceman”, nicknamed Charlie. Eventually, Shepard must put everything on the line to protect Charlie from the mounting media scrutiny and harassment.

Iron Jawed Angels, NR 124 minutes
This is the inspiring true story of Alice Paul and Lucy Burns who, between 1912 and 1920, worked tirelessly to secure women the right to vote. They and their fellow activists do whatever it takes to persuade the United States to ratify a Constitutional amendment that would guarantee suffrage to women in America. American Government classes as well as a unit on the 1920s would be greatly enhanced by this film.

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