Story Prompts for Creative Writing

The followng story prompts are designed to spark imagination. Besides being a lot of fun, they are also perfect for budding writers to practice the skills they are learning in your Creative Writing class. Always remind students to incorporate the different elements of good writing and various components they are learning such as strong descriptions, setting, and characters.

Story prompts about outer space are always a big hit with students. This one asks them to imagine that they have been awarded, by our government, the opportunity to visit and report on Mars!

What if Frosty the Snowman needed help to keep from melting? This prompt requires your students to be very resourceful in coming up with ways to hide him, keep him ice-cold, and keep him a secret!

Oh the suspense! This story prompt starts with a tense scenario and allows students to take it from there.

A slight twist on the prompt above.

This prompt asks students to suppose that their extremely jealous boyfriend/girlfriend has just been cloned! Now what?

Ask your students, "what would you do if your face suddenly produced green algae?" Students will have a lot of fun coming up with a story that includes the causes and results of this unpleasant situation.

This prompt requires students to stand in another creature's "shoes". In this case, a turkey. What if turkeys suddenly decided to rebel against the typical Thanksgiving meal? What would happen?

Forget the famous Aerosmith song. Here, being stuck in an elevator is not fun. Students were on their way to see the dentist due to excruciating toothaches. What happens?

In this hilarious prompt, students make believe that some interesting neighbors have just moved in next door.

No matter how you slice it, most young adults love to be scared. Whether it's at the movies or at the amusement parks, for example, teenagers like anything "scarey".

These prompts for scarey and suspensful stories allow students to play Stephen King for a while. Trust me, they'll love it.

This handout is perfect for starting a unit on creatively writing stories that are scarey and/or suspensful. It offers a solid outline with suggestions on making stories extra creepy!

Students are asked to put themselves in a rather sinister situation. You'll enjoy reading the stories your students produce!

In this outrageous prompt, students pretend that the world powers have issued each person on earth their own private chicken. Crazy, I know, but your students will love it.

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