Not a History Teacher

by Michelle

I am a 7th grade Special Education teacher. My primary role is teaching students in the Mild Mentally Disabled program. Typically, this would be the functional program. This year it is different. According to the district I am the MIMD teacher, but at my school I wear several hats. This is our second year as an inclusion school. I have been on the fence for sometime now, and waver at times. Now, my 1st hour is Social Studies/Study Skills. It was explained to me that I teach "Study Skills" through the scope of "Social Studies". This has been exciting and challenging at the same time. The exciting portion is introducing my students to a world they have not yet known. The difficult portion is that I have always struggle with History at any level. I avoided History to say the least. Now I do not have the background knowledge to scaffold lessons for the students. I am leaning heavily on the History teacher on my team to fill in the gaps. Interestingly enough, now I know more than I have ever known about American History. On the flip side, do my students? Sometimes I feel yes, other times I wonder if I am doing them any good. I need time to focus on their goals, and IEP. Now I am prepping for History, Math, and Science. This is new to me so I am still frustrated about it. Mainly because I lack the knowledge of the History and Science Curriculum. Here I go again, off to face the Progressive Era!

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