My first class

by Vida

I remember my first class and how I prepared for it. I spent hours sweating and thinking about every possible detail from greeting the students, remembering their names, structuring the lesson, writing on the blackboard, reacting to possible questions, using body language... In my mind I played the class scenario again and again and I played it from the perspective of a motivated student, then from a tired student, then from an untalented student... tweaking the lesson until I felt that all different kinds of students would find something motivating in what I was to say or do.

As the hour of my first class approached, I got increasingly nervous asking myself whether I am at all the right type of person for the teaching job. I got to the classroom early and saw some students waiting for me. I looked at their smiling faces and said to myself ‘It would be okay to teach these people,'. Of course, I got even more nervous. My cheeks were burning and my mouth was dry. In a few minutes the class started and I could hear myself greet the students and introduce myself. I could see myself opening the materials book and saying the prepared words. I could observe myself from the outside until I suddenly became aware of the faces of my students and their looks. These were looks of curiosity, excitement and expectation, and I immediately felt that I was the right person in the right place at the right time to fulfill that expectation, and that I love the feeling.

It’s twenty years since then and I still love the feeling of teaching :-)

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