Earth's Human Geography

Unit 3: Worksheets, PowerPoints, & Ideas

In this section, you will find geography resources to help you teach a unit on Earth’s Human Geography. Your students might be surprised to learn that in the last two hundred years, the earth’s population has risen unbelievably fast.

Some of the reasons for this swift rise in population are:

1. The death rate has gone down. People today experience better living conditions and better health care. Medical technology has advanced by leaps and bounds.

2. There are parts of the world where the birthrate is very high.

Better living conditions, improved and more widely available healthcare and technology advancements are all good things. However, students should be aware that rapid population growth does pose some new challenges. Like what? Well, more people need more food and in some parts of the world there is a shortage of water and housing.

To look for better living conditions, many people move to the cities; almost half of the world’s population resides in cities!

In this unit, students learn about geography as it relates to humanity. Specifically, how do people affect the world? How and why do people migrate to different parts of the world? How has population growth affected the earth?

Click on the links below to download the resources for this unit:

Unit 3 Terms: A list of relevant key terms to define

Oral Interview Assignment to Gain a Global Perspective

Population Density Assignment

Unit 3 PowerPoint Presentation

Unit 3 PowerPoint Fill-in-the-Notes for students to take as you present

Population Density Assignment #2

Unit 3 Review Project:

Unit 3 Study Guide

Unit 3 Test

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