The Physical Geography of Asia

Unit 7

The geography of Asia is astounding: approximately one-third of the earth’s population lives in Asia. That’s over two billion people! Most of Asia’s population resides in China and India. China has an estimated 1.3 billion people and India, 1.1 billion. Asia also covers one-third of the earth’s land. In all respects, then, Asia is the largest continent in the world. Can you believe that the total landmass of Asia is larger than the total area of the moon? Asia is pretty incredible.

Part of the reason Asia is so unique is due to its physical geography. Tectonic plate movements shaped its massive mountains and volcanic activity millions of years ago produced thousands of islands in the Pacific Ocean. The mainland of Asia is crisscrossed by an extensive chain of mountains ranges, running along the coastline. Scattered between these mountain ranges, one can find fertile river plains.

This is a land of contrasts. In Asia, you can go from the quiet and serene beauty of the coastlines, the ice-capped mountain tops, and the rolling green landscape to electric cities pulsing with the latest technology and buzzing with intense energy! Asia is filled with sweltering jungles filled with wildlife and snow-covered mountain sides, perfect for skiing.

But if for no other reason, Asia is simply cool because it is the native home of the Panda bear!

Your students will have fun learning all about the mystifying continent known as Asia. Included in this unit routine are two different projects and many map activities. As always, these resources are free and ready to download for your classroom!

Click on the links below to download Unit 7's resources:

Unit 7 Terms: The Physical Geography of Asia

Unit 7: PowerPoint Presentation

Unit 7: PowerPoint Fill-in-the-Notes

Blank Outline Map of Asia

Activity to go with the map above

Unit 7: Asia Travel Journal Project

Unit 7: Asia Travel Journal Project Rubric

Unit 7 Study Guide for Map Quiz

East Asia Physical Geography Map Test

South Central Asia Physical Geography Map Test

South East Asia Physical Geography Map Test

Middle East Asia Physical Geography Map Test

Unit 7: Asia Country Project

Unit 7: Asia Country Project Rubric

Unit 7 Study Guide

Unit 7 Test

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