Unit 18: Franklin D Roosevelt

& the New Deal

In 1932 Franklin D Roosevelt was elected to the presidency of the United States of America. He entered into office amid chaos and turmoil. The country was out of work, starving, and homeless. President Roosevelt made a pledge to the American people that he would pull the country out of the Great Depression. He kept his promise.

Within the first 100 days of his administration, Roosevelt pushed program after program through Congress to provide jobs, relief, and economic stimulation. These programs, created to wipe out the Great Depression, were called The New Deal.

In addition, it's important for students to know that many programs we know today, like Social Security, were created during Franklin D Roosevelt's presidency! Finally, enlighten your students about the power of the First Lady. Eleanor Roosevelt was a great inspiration to women everywhere and she reshaped the role of the First Lady. Mrs. Roosevelt was outspoken and determined to make sure the New Deal was successful.

As with any new idea, there were plenty of critics of the New Deal. They were quick to point out its shortcomings. Roosevelt ignored his critics and continued doing everything he could to bring our country out of its dim predicament and to bring hope to a weary nation. The New Deal influenced the social, political, and cultural life and attitudes of the American people in ways that are still evident today.

Key terms associated with unit 18: Franklin D Roosevelt & the New Deal.

A complete PowerPoint presentation of 35 slides for this unit.

Download these Fill-in-the-Notes & give them to your students as you present the unit.

An essay assignment that asks students to research and write about women who followed Eleanor Roosevelt's example and made great contributions to society.

This visual arts project is a great way for students to synthesize the many New Deal programs, reforms, ideas, etc. Display the projects in your room when students are finished presenting!

A grading rubric that goes with the project above.

In this assignment, students are required to complete a short reading on The New Deal & the Common Man and answer some critical thinking questions afterward.

A study guide on unit 18, ready to download and pass out to your class.

All of the tests on OwlTeacher.com are a mix of term matching, multiple choice, and information recall with short answer questions and essay questions.

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