Environmental Geography

Unit 4: Earth's Natural Resources

In studying Environmental Geography, students learn the importance of Earth’s natural resources. They are critical to the survival of all living things, especially humans. Although many of Earth’s natural resources are renewable like air, water, and wood, others such as minerals, species, and habitats are limited. Once they have been used up or ruined, they are gone forever.

Now, more than ever, people are finally beginning to realize the extent of the problem. We need to minimize the overuse and destruction of earth’s natural resources. Humans are becoming aware of the severity of the situation and are taking steps in the right direction. We only have one planet and it is up to us to save it. Its destiny is in our hands.

In this unit, students learn about earth’s natural resources and the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources. They also understand how humans affect the environment both positively and negatively. Finally, students will realize how population growth can also affect the environment.

Click on the links to download the many teaching resources avaliable to you:

Unit 4 Terms: Earth's Natural Resources

Unit 4 PowerPoint presentation: Earth's Natural Resources

Unit 4 PowerPoint Fill-in-the-Notes: Earth's Natural Resources

Unit 4 Project: 3-D Model

Unit 4 Project Grading Rubric

List of Topic Choices for Unit 4 Project

Unit 4 Study Guide: Earth's Natural Resources

Unit 4 Test: Earth's Natural Resources

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