Creative Writing Description

Why is Creative Writing Description so important? Well, how would you like to read a story that failed to provide any images in your mind? Most likely, you would put that book down pretty quick. Readers want to be able to see what they are reading. That is the essense of a truly gifted writer.

This section helps you to teach the significance of description and offers plenty of activities and resources for you to do that. Students will realize that a story without good description belongs in the waste paper basket.

More assignments and activities on using description in creative writing coming; keep checking back!

A PowerPoint presentation that explains the value of descriptive modifiers with plenty of examples.

An fun classroom assignment that provides students practice in using adjectives effectively.

Adverbs describe action. For example, the girl danced gracefully. Most adverbs end in "ly". Explain to your students that placing effective adverbs throughout their stories further enhances the experience for their readers.

Good description creates mood. Here, students practice creating moods using different types of descriptive modifiers and prompts.

I tell students that when they want to adequately and creatively describe something, they should think of their five senses. For example, how does the baseball field smell, how does it look, sound, and feel? (Obviously, you can't taste a baseball field, so not all of the five senses will apply all of the time. But you get the idea . . . and so will your students.

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