Teaching Character Sketch

In this unit, students create a Character Sketch and learn how to include sensational characters in their stories. A good character or a group of good characters are really the most important element of a story. Without a solid character, stores fall flat. This unit provides many fun and engaging assignments and activities for budding authors.

Many more assignments and activities will be posted soon, so stay tuned!

This PowerPoint presentation will provide your students with a good introduction on the unit. It also lets students know why good, vivid characters are essential.

A list of key terms associated with this unit in Creative Writing.

A fun activity where students produce an "individual" based on different hints and suggestions. My students have always loved sharing the outcome of this activity with each other in class!

For this project, your students will need small to medium posterboard, markers, paints, and lots of creativity. Students produce wild people/creatures based on a multitude of different factors chosen at random.

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