Teach Ancient Greece!

There is so much to cover when you teach a unit on Ancient Greece. Students learn about the first great philosophers and how civilization evolved at a tremendously rapid pace. New and exciting ideas burst forth along with the concept of democracy and an appreciation of the arts. The unit involves an intense look at the rise of the Ancient Greek Civilization and its massive contribution to World History.

Students are introduced to such great thinkers as Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato. They examine the Greek Empire's struggle to keep control of its lands in the Persian Wars and the wars between Sparta and Athens, the Peloponnesian War. We look at Alexander the Great and his military expansion of the Empire. Finally, students learn about the daily lives of Greek citizens and noncitizens during its great empire in a second set of PowerPoint notes. This second PowerPoint presentation is especially helpful to students when they begin the project for this unit.

The unit includes a newspaper project that really gets students into the day to day lives of the Ancient Greeks. The project involves a great deal of research and writing, but also the opportunity for students to shine creatively. Great literature pieces to examine include Homer's "The Odyssey" or "the Illiad" and good movies to supplement the unit are "Alexander the Great" starring Colin Farrell, "Troy" starring Brad Pitt and Eric Bana, or of course, "300" starring Gerard Butler. Look for them in the Teach with Movies section of OwlTeacher.com.

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