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Annual Subscription Service!
January 31, 2018

Annual Subscription Service

ALL resources on could be available for unlimited, free download during one full year!

We are developing an annual subscription service to our valued customers!

This means that during your annual subscription service, you can access EVERYTHING on our website without limits! You can request complete unit packages and/or specific resources to meet your needs whenever you need them.

However, we need a certain number of subscribers for this new service to succeed. Please contact us if you are interested in signing up for the service! Tell your friends and colleagues about this program to generate enough interest!

If the Annual Subscription Service comes to fruition, you will receive a confirmation email, upon enrollment in the program. We will authenticate your email address and you can request WHATEVER YOU NEED through that email address, using a password we assign you and only you.

For now, the cost is anticipated to be only $47.00 for one full year!

Imagine all the worksheets, PowerPoints, projects, assignments, study guides, tests, and test keys you can request simply by sending us an email through the authorized email you provide!

We have already witnessed a great deal of interest in this program, but we need enough subscribers to warrant the work and time involved!

Help us take to the next level! Contact us to tell us you are interested!

Thank you to all our valued customers for your continued support! We exist because of you, our teachers across the country and world.

P.S. Go check out our new ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram and comment what you think of!

All of us at hope you are having a safe and fabulous school year!

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