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Free End-Of-Year Hands On Project!
April 30, 2017

Recieve a Free End-Of-Year Hands-On Project!

For a limited time, help us promote our website!

For your help, you get a free hands-on project in any school subject on our website!

The project may be in World History, American History, World Geography, etc.

The hands-on project is interactive, creative, educational, and is a two-week activity for your students. This is a great way to round out the school year and engage your students when most of them are simply ready for summer vacation!

The End-of-year hands-on project includes:

  • Project instructions for the teacher and the students!

  • Project grading rubric!

  • Additional worksheets or hand-outs, as needed, depending on the subject!

"So what do I need to do to receive my FREE hands-on project?

  • Go to your Facebook page

  • Post a short comment about how has helped you in your classroom

  • Tag our facebook page in your comment/post

  • Include the hashtage #owlteacher in your comment/post

Quick link to our Facebook page: on Facebook

For every Facebook post/comment, tag, AND hashtag, we will send you a private Facebook message thanking you and confirming where to send your free hands-on project!

Help us spread the word so that we can continue to create unique, fun, and spectacular lesson plans, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, and projects for you!

Our clients are the best part of!

If you need any other materials for the end of the school year, simply click on Order Page and place your order today!

All of us at wish you a safe and an fabulous summer!

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