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Organizing for a New School Year!
August 13, 2016

Organizing for a New School Year!

The new school year is only a couple of weeks away! This is the time when teachers are coming back into their classrooms, setting up and planning for the new year.

This is a busy time! There are an insane amount of tasks that all teachers everywhere must accomplish before the school year begins. It can be pretty overwhelming!

When I was teaching, I used a checklist to help me stay organized during this hectic time and I would love to share it with you!

Organization Checklist for a New School Year

  • ____ Learn your schedule. Post a copy of bell schedules for your students.

  • ____ Get a large calendar to keep track of student birthdays and school events.

  • ____ Create a syllabus!

  • ____ Figure out your rules & consequences!

  • ____ Learn about your school's activities like sports, drives, assemblies, etc. for the year so you can plan around them and encourage students to participate.

  • ____ Get all of the supplies that you will need for the year and organize them in the appropriate cabinets, boxes, etc. Label them.

  • ____ Read and brush up on the policies, rules and expectations for teachers in your school.

  • ____ Read your faculty handbook and makes notes on items that directly affect you.

  • ____ Find out what is required of you in regards to lunch duty, hall duty, etc.

  • ____ Join professional organizations that will help and inspire you.

  • ____ Research and become familiar with the fire drill and emergency information.

  • ____ Create a substitute folder for days you might have to miss school.

  • ____ Taking attendance every day is time consuming. Figure out how you can streamline this daily chore so that you can be fast as well as accurate.

  • ____ Create a folder with information on how you will document parent and guardian contact.

  • ____ Set up your plan book and grading system. If you are using a computerized grading system, become familiar with it before you start teaching.

  • ____ Outline the entire course content for the year, for each subject your are teaching.

  • ____ Plan your units of study

  • ____ Plan the first three weeks of lessons for each subject you are teaching. Stay ahead of the game!

  • ____ Plan the procedures you will follow when distributing and issuing textbooks.

  • ____ Decorate your classroom so that students will feel welcome and inspired.

  • ____ Set goals for yourself often and consistently reach them.

  • ____ Create a snack drawer for yourself for extra-crazy days when you don't have time for lunch. P.S. I always had a chocolate stash for when I was extra stressed out!

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