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3 Days Only! $10 DEAL!
April 07, 2016

3 Days Only! The $10 Deal is Back!

A complete unit package of your choice for only $10.00!

To celebrate the approach of Summer, we decided to bring back the famous $10.00 deal! This deal is only available for three days and will NOT be available at all next year!

Any subject, any unit! Delivered to your inbox within 7 business days! That's a value of $52.15!

Order now and stock up for the rest of the year or even next year! understands that the end of the school year is chaotic. So many things to do and prepare for: awards ceremonies, graduation, etc. Now is a great time to relax a little bit and let us do the lesson planning for you!

Remember: this promotion is only good for 3 days! It will not be available next year. So, take advantage and order now!

So, what is included in a complete unit package?

  • A terms list to introduce students to the unit/topic.

  • A PowerPoint presentation on the unit/topic, complete with sound bites, images, and color. Also includes a student Fill-in-the-Notes PowerPoint print-out so students can follow along and take notes during the PowerPoint presentation.

  • A fun hands-on project to get students excited about the unit/topic.

  • At least (usually more) two worksheets and/or assignments on the unit/topic.

  • A study guide to prepare students for the test.

  • A test over the entire unit/topic AND a test key!

Simply visit our website's Order page and place your order today!

We are currently working hard to update and add new lessons, units, and newsletters with teaching ideas and tips for our dedicated followers and clients! We love our teachers!

$10.00 Deal promotion expires Sunday, April 10th at midnight!

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