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New, Exciting World History Units!
March 29, 2016

New, Exciting 20th Century World History Units!

Do you agree that students need to better understand 20th Century World History?

With all of the current events in the news lately, stemming from trouble in the Middle East, it is imperative that students understand world events that unfolded during the 20th century!

At, we have been working hard on a whole new section of World History: Focus on The Twentieth Century! is adding six complete unit packages that center around the History of the World during the Twentieth Century! also understands that, as the year begins to wind down, teachers might be struggling to reinvigorate their students with exciting new lessons! Just sit back, relax, and order a complete unit package in any or all of the brand new units we are creating!

Remember: A complete unit package includes a terms' list to introduce the unit to your students, a PowerPoint presentation and student Fill-in-the-Notes, a hands-on project, at least two worksheets/assignments, a study guide, a test, and a test key!

We are sure that the last couple of months of the school year can be hectic! Take advantage of our custom-created, unique and exciting unit packages!

So, what are the six units?
  • Unit 1: The 1900s (New Technologies, Industrial vs. Rural Life, Social & Political Ideas, World Trade & World Environments, Urban Reforms, The Mexican Revolution, Revolutionary Art, Bloody Sunday, and Life of Chinese Peasants)

  • Unit 2: World War I (Causes of The Great War, Steps to War, Tools of the War, Mapping the War, Life & Death on the Western Front, The Lure of War, The Horror of War, War Propaganda, World War I Casualties, and Peace Treaties)

  • Unit 3: The 1920s & 1930s (Different Paths in Europe, Words of the Times, Changes in the Middle East, Nationalism in Southwest Asia and India, Nonviolence: Theory & Practice, Revolution in China, Marxism: Theory & Practice, Women's Lives, Russian Revolution, The Soviet Economy, Communism, Fascism & Democracy, Mass Culture, The Great Depression, and Latin America & the United States)

  • Unit 4: World War II (Steps toward War, The Munich Agreement, War Technology, Women War Workers, The Holocaust, The Atomic Bomb, and War Casualties)

  • Unit 5: Postwar to Millennium (Cold War Origins, U.S. Cold War Policies, The Cold War Around the World, Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Africa: Paths to Nationhood, Violent & Nonviolent Protest, Postwar Latin America, Postwar Communism, East and Southeast Asia, and Nationalist Leaders of Asia & Africa)

  • Unit 6: The Modern Global World (Science & Technology, Adventures in Space, U.N. Peacekeeping, World Trade, World Population Growth, Urban Growth, The World's Environment & Future, and The Middle East & Terrorism)

Simply visit our website's Order page and place your order today!

Finish off the school year with exciting, creative lesson plans in World History! Let us do the work for you!

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