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Hurry! The $10 Deal ends tonight at midnight!
September 22, 2015

Our $10 Deal ends tonight at midnight!

Have taken advantage of the $10.00 deal?

If not, hurry and grab it because our limited-time deal ends tonight at midnight, EST time!

A Complete Unit Package of your choice for only $10.00!

To celebrate the approach of Autumn, we decided to give teachers a much-needed break. Order a complete unit package of your choice for only $10.00!

Any subject, any unit! Delivered to your inbox within 7 business days! That's a value of $52.15!

A complete unit package includes a terms list to introduce the unit to your students, a PowerPoint presentation and student Fill-in-the-Notes, a hands-on project, two worksheets/assignments, a study guide, a test, and a test key!

We are sure that the beginning of the school year has been hectic! Relax and take advantage of our $10 deal!

What is included in this package?
  • A terms list to introduce students to the unit/topic.

  • A PowerPoint presentation on the unit/topic, complete with sound bites, images, and color. Also includes a student Fill-in-the-Notes PowerPoint print-out so students can follow along and take notes during the PowerPoint presentation.

  • A fun hands-on project to get students excited about the unit/topic.

  • Two worksheets and/or assignments on the unit/topic.

  • A study guide to prepare students for the test.

  • A test over the entire unit/topic.

  • And finally, a test key!

Simply visit our website's Order page or complete the order form below:

Limited-time $10.00 Deal!

Choose your subject:
Specific Unit or Topic:

All of us at wish you an amazing, successful school year!

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