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Teach the 1950s Unit!!
February 07, 2015

Teach the 1950s Unit!

Have you been watching the news lately? Of course you have, you're teachers! I watch the news every night to stay up on current events all over the world. As teachers, it is so important to know what's happening so that we can relay the information to our students. Not only relay the information, but discuss it and make it relevant to them.

Lately, however, the news have been hard to swallow. The train crash in New York, the airplane crash in Taiwan, unrest in Ukraine, and the evil brutality of ISIS. As a teacher, I have taught my students all kinds of horrific things in our world's history. There's the Black Death, countless Jewish pogroms, American slavery, the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, etc. etc. The list truly goes on and on.

How can we teach about history without scaring our students to death? It's truly a challenge. will be creating lesson plans and ideas to teach history's horrors and triumphs simultaneously. We need to find a way to inform our students of the dark events of history and current events in a balanced way that does not leave our kids jaded and frightened. We will be providing these resources in the upcoming weeks.

As most teachers across the United States are almost wrapping up a unit on World War II, we at decided that a break from the seriousness and darkness of the war is called for.

We are trying out something new, and if it is popular and successful, we will do it again! We will deliver a COMPLETE UNIT PACKAGE on the 1950s unit in American History to all those who make a donation to

The donation can be as little as $1.00 or as much as you would like to donate. We work hard at to provide as many resources (many of them free) to our teachers as possible.

Yet the research, time, and work that goes into creating lesson plans, PowerPoints, worksheets, tests, etc. is tremendous. Every donation helps us continue to provide all of these resources.

When you make a donation (no matter how small), will send you a complete unit package on the 1950s!

Why the 1950s?

Because it is a natural progression from World War II, but mostly because it was an exciting time in American History! It was a time of new music, new inventions, and new ideas. It was a departure from the mayhem and horrors of the war.

How do I receive a complete unit package on the 1950s?

Simply go to our homepage and scroll down. Click on the "donate" button and submit your donation. Once we receive your donation, we will immediately send you a complete unit package on the 1950s!

The package includes a terms' list, a hands-on project, various handouts, a PowerPoint presentation with notes for students, a study guide, a test, and a test key.

Go to and click on the "donate" button!

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