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Help! My Students are Bored!
February 25, 2014

Help! My Students are Bored!

Most teachers experience this problem from time to time. Their classroom becomes stale and students either zone out or misbehave as a result of boredom. So, how do you prevent boredom in your classroom?

There are tons of ways to perk up your classroom! The trick is to be prepared. Trust me when I tell you that being prepared is half the battle. Teachers who are not prepared for their classes end up "winging it" or "going with the flow." I can't stress enough how important it is to prepare and have a plan for each class, each day. Even ten minutes of preparation can prevent so many problems.

Aside from being prepared, there are other ways to keep your students from becoming bored to death in your classroom. Below are the ones I have tried with great success!

  • Put a list of words on the board and ask your students to explain what they have in common (use words/terms that correlate with the lesson or unit).

  • Ask riddles to stimulate interest.

  • Have your students create signs or posters to recap the lesson.

  • Hold a drawing for prizes like candy or ten extra credit points for students who get answers right or participated the most in a discussion.

  • Show a cartoon that relates to the lesson and ask students to write a short caption for it. Share answers aloud.

  • Play the game of telephone with facts from the lesson.

  • Tell students you have intentionally made errors in your PowerPoint and ask students to identify the errors.

  • Whisper or pantomime the directions you want students to follow.

  • Hand out blindfolds and ask students to put them on. Then give them objects from the lesson for them to identify without peeking.

  • Show a film excerpt that pertains to the lesson.

  • Play music that relates to the lesson. For example, play an 80's song if you are teaching a unit on the 1980s in American History!

  • If you speak a different language (even Pig Latin), try speaking it for a sentence or two.

  • Hold up a box and ask students to guess what is in it. Items should relate to the lesson!

  • Stage a confrontation. Have another adult come in and fake a high-stress situation that relates to the unit or lesson.

  • Use humor whenever possible. I like adding a funny comic or drawing randomly in my PowerPoint presentation to shake things up!

Remember that you don’t have to stand in front of your students and dictate facts to them. By spicing things up and having fun, you will also enjoy teaching so much more!

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