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The Best Hands-On History Project Ever!
December 01, 2013

Italian Renaissance & Reformation Hands-On Project

O.K., so every time I have used this project in my classroom, it has been total success! Students get so excited to use their creativity and actually construct something. It breaks the monotony of the usual routine and engages them deeply! I don’t know about you, but student enthusiasm in the classroom is always a huge plus!

Although this particular project focuses on a World History unit of The Renaissance and Reformation, you can adapt the project to any event or era in History. For example, it would work wonderfully during a unit on Ancient Rome, World War II or The Civil War in America. The possibilities are really endless!

If you use this project in your classroom, won’t you please send us feedback and/or pictures of the student projects? It would inspire other teachers and I’m sure your students would get a kick out of seeing their work displayed on our website!

The following instructions for this project are written for the student so that you can easily copy and paste to a Word Document. Please don't forget to give us credit when you copy, paste and print it out. Thank you!

Italian Renaissance & Reformation Doll

  • Choose one important historical figure from the Renaissance & Reformation Unit in World History.

  • Make an Italian Renaissance & Reformation Era doll of your chosen historical figure - about 12 inches high, covered in clothing with a tan colored face (it must be a stuffed, sewn, fabric doll which YOU have made) - include at least 1 item (weapon, paint brush, bible, etc.) that your doll would have had in their possession at one time in their lives or items they used.

    It would be nice to have the doll supported on a platform or base, but not required.

    No Barbies, Ken, GI Joe, or craft dolls, etc. or pre-made doll clothing or accessories.

  • Create a standing, three-sided poster (tri-fold posters) that includes the following:

    1. First side: Detailed, colorful map of the places this person lived

    2. Second side: show pictures and write captions using your own words explaining biographical information about that person, important accomplishments in their life, possible failures, legacy in history, etc. Use at least 10 colored pictures each having a caption. Make the captions artistic with colorful matte backgrounds. If possible, type the words for the captions.

    3. Third side: a colored backdrop of an environment they lived in, an architectural structure that was a big part of their lives or legacy, or any place they would have enjoyed being in (essentially, a mural).

    4. Include a large colorful title consisting of the person’s name (4" high letters).

    Have students display their work in the school library for other students to enjoy and learn from!

    If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Grading Rubric for this project, simply send us a request via the "Contact Us" page on our website and we will happily send it to you!

    In addition, we can also send you a list of important historical figures from The Renaissance & Reformation Era or any era in World or American History!

    Finally, we will send you a copy of the Doll Outline for students to use with this project!

    Click here to request the FREE Grading Rubric, List of Historical Figures and/or the Doll Outline! Please make sure you provide us with your correct email address when requesting these items.

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