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Get a Free Literature Learning Packet!
November 16, 2013

Get a Free Literature Learning Packet!

Order a copy of The Imbondeiro Tree and recieve a free learning packet to accompany the book!

My first book, The Imbondeiro Tree, is now available in bookstores everywhere! It is published by Black Rose Writing and is a memoir of my father's life told through his voice.

Spanning more than eight decades and three continents, The Imbondeiro Tree is the true story of Antonio Augusto who grew up in the tiny Azores Islands of Portugal with big dreams of going to Africa someday. Fueled by courage and conviction, he boards a ship to Angola, Africa as a young adult and his adventure begins. Although Africa is a harsh, unforgiving continent, he is eternally mesmerized by its charms. Then, brutal civil war erupts in 1975 and Antonio's faith and determination are once again put to the test. He faces losing everything and leaving his beloved Angola behind only to start over in Southern California as an immigrant with a family to support.

From the coastal villages of the Azores and the untamed jungles of Africa to Southern California, The Imbondeiro Tree is a testament to the power of ambition and faith and the triumph of the human spirit.

The Imbondeiro Tree is a great addition to your lesson plans! It will work well with a unit on African Colonialism, World History, Immigration, etc.

What comes in a Literature Learning Packet?

  • A list of important key terms from the book from each chapter.

  • Discussion questions/prompts from each chapter.

  • Research activities and Critical Thinking assignments designed to enhance understanding of the culture, history and events in the book.

  • Hands-On culmination projects to utilize student creativity.

  • How can I get a free Learning Packet?

    1. Purchase a copy of The Imbondeiro Tree at Black Rose Writing.

    2. Enter coupon code HOLIDAY25 for 25% off the retail price, bringing the cost of the book to about $13.00.

    3. Take a picture of yourself holding the book.

    4. Submit your photo to our website. We are featuring our valued clients with their copy of the book on our website!

    5. Once your photo is posted, we will send you a free Literature Learning Packet to accompany the book in your classroom!

    Don't Forget!

    If you'd like to teach a particular unit of study and don't see that it is available for immediate download, that means we haven't created it yet. We can custom-create any unit on any topic in American History, World History, World Geography, American Government, Social Studies, Sociology, Creative Writing or World Religions!

    Maybe you'd like to teach a unit on McCarthyism? Or the Armenian Genocide? Or maybe you'd like to teach a unit on the history of and current situation in Syria? These are just some examples, but you can choose whatever you want. We can custom-create unit packages just for you!

    Simply click on our Order Page and place your order today!

    All of us at wish you an happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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