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A Hands-On Project to Change it Up!
October 26, 2013

An engaging Hands-On Project to change it up in your classroom!

Make a Gift Basket For Someone in History!

Have your students imagine that they could send a very special gift basket back in time to a famous historical figure! Well, they have been chosen to do just that.

Let's pretend: The United States government, along with all of the country’s foremost scientists & engineers, have enabled objects to be transported back in time for a brief moment. They have asked U.S. History students in America to create special gift baskets for different historical figures in American History!

The Assignment:

  1. Students will choose one person in American History that intrigues, inspires, or baffles them. Students may choose anyone they want, as long as the historical figure has contributed in some way to American History.

  2. Everyone must choose a different person.

  3. Make sure students research all they can about their chosen historical figure: Where were they born? Where did they grow up? Where did they go to school? What were their fears? Pet peeves? Likes? Dislikes? Who inspired them? What was their favorite pastime? Food? Place? What should they have learned more about? What should they have known? What were their shortcomings? Greatest achievements?

  4. Have students find or create different objects that reflect what they have learned about their chosen historical figure which they believe should be sent back in time. The objects should be pleasant gifts as well as things that could help the historical figure out in their lives.

  5. On a separate sheet of paper, students must neatly list every item and explain its significance to the historical figure. Make sure students also include all of the sources used (bibliography).

  6. On another sheet of paper, students will write a letter to their historical figure praising them or reprimanding them and explaining to them what their contributions have done to help shape the United States today.

  7. Students will place all of their items in a basket, arrange them neatly, and decorate the basket so that it looks like a gift.


  1. At least six objects, no more than eight.

  2. A list justifying the gift and explaining its relevance to the historical figure chosen.

  3. A bibliography.

  4. A one-page letter to that historical figure, written in correct letter format (fast becoming a lost art).

  5. The basket looks nice (look for creativity more than anything).

  6. Have students present their baskets to the class!

Trust me, this is a fun and engaging project to use in your history classroom! Students will forget they are researching and learning and you will be amazed at their creativity! If you use this project in your classroom, let us know how it turned out! We'd love to feature your testimonial on!

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