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14 Sponge Activities!
September 08, 2013

14 Sponge Activities to Keep Students Engaged All Period Long

What is a sponge activity?

"Sponge" activities are valuable ways to soak up time that might otherwise be wasted in your classroom. Wasted time can happen when students must wait for others to begin class, finish a test or assignment or settle down to work. Any time in a classroom that is not focused can result in disruptive behavior. Your goal is to keep all students engaged at all times in your classroom.

These activities are designed to be brief but they are powerful tools to keep your students busy and focused on the class!

In my experience, students have enjoyed all of the following sponge activities and looked forward to them because they are fun and provide a welcome break from the usual routine.

The activities here are written in the form of directions for students to follow:
  1. Look over your notes from yesterday's lesson and circle key words.

  2. List five key points we discussed in class yesterday.

  3. Choose a partner and play a game of "hangman" using your key terms for the unit.

  4. Make flash cards out of the key terms for the unit. Place the word on the front and the definition on the back. Use these to review and study the terms.

  5. Open your book and read the first three paragraphs from yesterday's lesson. Write down something new you learned today that you hadn't realized yesterday.

  6. Here's your word for the day: _______. Copy and define it and then use it correctly in a sentence.

  7. List ten things you learned in class this week, so far.

  8. How does what you learned in today's lesson apply to your life? Answer in 250 - 300 words.

  9. Take two of the current unit's key terms and use them both in the same sentence.

  10. Write one of the key terms for the current unit on a piece of paper. Pass it to a classmate and time them for one minute as they tell you five important things about the term.

  11. What did you learn in another class this week that you can use in this class today?

  12. What have you learned in this class lately that you can apply to another class?

  13. Create a word search puzzle using this unit's key terms that you will share with a classmate tomorrow.

  14. List as many ways as you can that you are like the people we have studied in this unit. Choose one individual or a group of people.

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