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30 Traits Students Value in their Teachers!
August 08, 2013

What do students really want from their Teachers?

Based on numerous surveys I have done with my students over the years, I've compiled a list of 30 traits students want in their teacher. Why is it important to know what your students want from their teacher? Because it makes it so much easier for you to establish the type of productive relationship you want.

The beginning of the year, and especially during the first week of school, is the best and most critical time to begin working on these traits if you want to be successful.

What is the payoff? You will be proactive. You will be fair-minded. You will have the least amount of behavioral problems during the course of any given day.

30 Traits Students Value in their Teachers

The Ideal Teacher...

  1. Doesn't just hand out worksheets, but teaches the subject matter
  2. Emphasizes the material and doesn't just PUSH grades
  3. Gives students a syllabus
  4. Uses lots of different techniques such as skits, film, & literature
  5. Has a great sense of humor
  6. Understands student problems & makes a sincere effort to help
  7. Keeps promises
  8. Is 100% consistent with consequences
  9. Makes sure everyone understands the instructions for an assignment or project
  10. Is not overly or irrationally strict
  11. Makes everyone feel welcome in the classroom
  12. Is organized
  13. Is available after school if students need help
  14. Returns graded papers and assignments promptly
  15. Writes comments and feedback on papers and assignments
  16. Offers extra credit if students want to raise their grade
  17. Knows the subject matter inside & out
  18. Admits when he or she is wrong
  19. Knows how to apologize to a student, if needed
  20. Remains open-minded at all times
  21. Is passionate about the subject matter
  22. Is willing to listen to both sides of an issue
  23. Challenges students and sets high standards
  24. Isn't a pushover or a doormat
  25. Is not desperate to be liked
  26. Keeps everyone busy
  27. Learns everyone's name right away
  28. Does not play favorites
  29. Is polite and respectful to everyone
  30. Has fun teaching!

What kind of teacher are you going to be? What kind of school year are you going to have?

The best, that's what!

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