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A Great Hands-On Research Project for World History!
October 28, 2012

My Day in World History

Hands-On Research Project

Procedure: Students will use the list of websites provided to research different events that were happening all around the world and throughout time on the day and month they were born. Students must gather all of their research on 3 ½ X 5” note cards. Once all research is complete, students will create a beautiful poster depicting all of the events throughout history that happened on their special day!


- An attention-grabbing title of your choice (visible and readable from at least 3 feet away)

- Choose 15 events in World History happening on the DAY and MONTH you were born. Make sure these events interest you, appeal to you, or mean something to you.

- 15 captions (at least two complete sentences) describing the above chosen events that happened on the day and month you were born (make sure you list the date AND the year of that event in your caption).

- 15 pictures to go with each event (may be painted or drawn by you, cut out from magazines, or taken from the Internet). Use your creativity and plenty of art to create your pictures and include frames, borders, etc. to make your pictures stand out!

- A five-paragraph essay explaining why your day in history is important and/or special (be sure to check for spelling and grammar!)

- A bibliography page listing all of the websites and books you used to gather your information and all of your note cards stapled together in the upper left-hand corner

Total Points Possible: 100
Due Date: _________________

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Suggested websites to help students get started:

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