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Teach with a Movie!
November 07, 2018

Teach with a Movie! Limited Sale!

Get a Teaching Packet for only $9.99!

Order a Movie Teaching Packet for only $9.99!

It's a fact: when you teach with movies, you offer your class a welcome break to traditional teaching methods. Not only is it a break for the teachers, but for the students as well. Students can sit back and enjoy learning history through the entertaining medium of cinema. The benefits of using movies in the classroom are numerous.

So why not give yourself a break before the holidays and use one of OwlTeacher's Teaching Packets for Movies?

A Teaching Packet includes a Teacher's Guide for the subject area movie focuses on, a movie background sheet, and one assignment.

Order yours right now for only $9.99!

Offer ends the day before Thanksgiving!

What are the benefits of showing a film in your classroom?

Well, for one, movies offer a history lesson in an entertaining format. The content is often more exciting than what students might find in academic textbooks. The visual stimulation will also add to the learning experience, especially for students who are visual and auditory learners. Movies can reach and grab the students who struggle in traditional academic settings. Many times, these students “get” the history and thus become interested in it after watching a great movie. Finally, the biggest benefit is that today’s young adults simply love to watch movies and it is a fun and welcome break from the monotony of your unit routines.


Click below to order your packet now!

Prehistory - World War I

Russian Revolution - The End of the Twentieth Century

All of us at hope you are having a safe and fabulous Holiday Season!

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