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The educational philosophy at OwlTeacher.com is that students learn best when they are actively engaged. Interdisciplinary and interactive projects ignite student imagination!

OwlTeacher.com also believes highly in integrating primary sources, film, literature, and music into the lesson plans when appropriate.

OwlTeacher.com offers printable history worksheets in American History, World History, World Geography, Sociology, Creative Writing and even when you teach with Movies and Literature. The printable history worksheets cover such things as key terms to identify, project instructions and grading rubrics, writing assignments, primary sources assignments, study guides, tests, and much more. In addition OwlTeacher.com offers creatively designed PowerPoint presentations to help you teach your students.

OwlTeacher.com will guide you through your first year or any year in your teaching career!

The goal is to help teachers and make their lives easier. We know how hard it is to be a part of the public school systems today.

Not only are teachers required to teach creatively, inspire and motivate students to learn, but we must also meet curriculum standards, and satisfy parents, principals, and school boards. And let us not forget standardized testing! It is no easy task.

OwlTeacher.com is here to help you. You will find a vast array of workseets, PowerPoints, complete unit packages and resources ready to download.



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OwlTeacher.com is not only for newbies. Many educators who have been at it for many years reach a point where they become exhausted mentally and creatively. They just get through each day and if the students can just stay busy, then that is great. Right?


Giving students busy work is ineffective. Your job becomes nothing more than babysitting. Who wants to baby-sit? That is not why you went to college and worked so hard to get your degree.

Unfortunately, millions of great educators out there just do not have the time, motivation, and patience to create exciting, engaging lesson plans and activities for their students. That is where OwlTeacher.com comes in.

Let us do the busy, tedious work of creating worksheets, powerpoints, and lesson plans for you while you get to be the amazing instructor your students love. They will enjoy coming to your class and reward you with higher grades and good attitudes.

Note: In order to download and open the resources available at OwlTeacher.com you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader and PowerPoint Viewer. Click on the boxes to the right to download each to your computer!

We provide printable history worksheets and PowerPoint presentations to educators around the globe and much of it is absolutely free! Your donations help us to keep the lights on and enable us to dedicate more time to enlarging and improving this website. If you kindly choose to give, you get to decide how much to donate. Thank you.

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Teach with Movies!

It's a fact: when you teach with movies, you offer your class a welcome break to traditional teaching methods. Not only is it a break for the teachers, but for the students as well. Students can sit back and enjoy learning history through the entertaining medium of cinema. The benefits of using movies in the classroom are numerous.

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